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2023 Litter E

Whelped Wednesday, April 26th 2023

This Litter will be eligible for release on or about June 21st 2023


Sire: T'Challa Smooth as a Chinchilla (El Fuego x Asha-Fierce "Angelica")

Dam: Beretta-Rose (King Faruq  x Malia)

Funkadelic music combines elements of poetry, rhythm, stylized dance and bravado with a strong back beat. This Litter is referred to as this musical genre since it has the confidence and back-bone of their Sire, T'Challa, meshed with their beautifully structured and rhythmically gated Dam, PRima Caaliyah Ali (tap to view her page). From T'Challa the pups will inherit traits from our lead female Asha-Fierce. And from Caaliyah, they have the lineage of GrCh CaIus.    

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#1 Male - Gray Coat
(Atomic Dog)
Orange Collar - AVAILABLE

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#2 Female - Black Coat
(Aqua Boogie)
Hot Pink Collar - AVAILABLE

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#3 Male - Black Coat
(Give Up The Funk)
Yellow Collar - AVAILABLE

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#4 Female - Gray Coat
(Mothership Connection)
Lavender Collar AVAILABLE

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