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Please be certain that you are ready for the time commitment and financial responsibility of a puppy prior to placing a deposit on one. The Cane Corso needs a stable environment with a lot of love and care. We want our Corsos to go to the very best homes possible and therefore we take placing our puppies very seriously. This is a life-time commitment between a family and their new pup. 

The Cane Corso is a large dominant independent breed and is NOT for everyone. Ask yourself:  Are you willing to assess whether this breed is a good FIT for your family and lifestyle? Have you done your homework and researched the breed's history? Have you spoken to several breeders? Have you brought your family around Cane Corsos of both genders? Have you made plans for appropriate training? Are you ready for the long-haul and prepared to make it work when things get tough? Are you willing to stay in contact with the breeder and make every attempt to rehome a puppy/adult that you cannot keep for whatever reason rather than condemning him to a shelter or worst yet, putting him down? If you cannot answer these questions with a solid "yes", then the Cane Corso is probably not for you.

Twelve Titans Kennels reserves the right to refuse deposit/payment if we feel our puppy would not have a good home. Your deposit reserves a puppy for you, however, it does not guarantee that we will sell you a particular pup/dog if we feel the temperament is not a good match for your family, or your family is not a good match for the pup. Twelve Titans wishes to build a life-time relationship & have open communication with all its new families. Our pups are our family and we want to see them thrive with a loving, committed and well-equipped family.

All Twelve Titan Cane Corso pups are sold on a Contract, with a 18-month Health Guarantee. Remitting a deposit means you have agreed to Twelve Titans Sales Policy and will agree to the terms therein.  This contract is written for the protection of both the breeder and the buyer. However, it is primarily written to protect the health and general well-being of the puppy. CLICK THE PDF ICON TO VIEW A SAMPLE CONTRACT


  1. Kennel Registration eligibility from: FCI, AKC and/or ICCF 

  2. Lifetime Breeder Support

  3. 18-month health guarantee/buyer contract (click pdf icon)

  4. Tails docked & rear declaws removed

  5. Age-appropriate vaccinations and de-worming

Before You Proceed...

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Our Puppies are sent home with a Standard or Upgraded Puppy Package courtesy of our store WASABIS PET STORE

We breed with purposeful intent with quality being paramount over quantity. Because of this, we produce a small amount of litters each year that are offered only to APPROVED families. We maintain a Reservation (Wait-List) of families who wish to add a Titan pup of their own versus mass producing pups and selling them to the general public.

FAMILY COMPANION pups are offered with Limited Kennel Registration. Companion pups are sold based on a first-come, first-serve basis. A minimum $500 USD non-refundable reservation deposit is required to hold a spot.  

* PRICES RANGE FROM $3,000 USD - $3,500 USD

TOP PROSPECTS (Male & Female) are offered with Full Kennel Registration which includes breeding rights. "Top prospects" refers to conformation to breed standard. Top prospects are secured by a minimum $750 USD non-refundable reservation deposit to hold the spots

* PRICES RANGE FROM $4,000 USD - $4,500 USD

IMPORT LITTERS We co-own several Dams & Sires abroad (in Romania, Serbia & Italy). Pups from litters produced abroad may be imported when available on a limited basis. Import pups are offered with kennel registration(s) once export pedigrees are completed. Both Full and Companion registration(s) are offered based on the individual pups. These pups are sold based on a first-come, first-serve basis. A minimum $1,500 USD non-refundable reservation deposit is required to reserve an imported pup. Full payment (inclusive of crate, shipping and customs fees) must be made before the pup is shipped stateside. Tap/click here to view import pups.

* PRICES RANGE FROM $4,500 USD - $5,000 USD

* Pricing depends on each individual litter 


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EAR CROP can performed by our licensed vet and offered at $450 USD. This service must be paid prior to the procedure when the pup reaches 7-8 weeks of age. Ear cropping is not compulsory for pups we offer from our breeding program.


We also offer this service to families with pups produced outside our kennel. All immunizations must be up to date and the pup must be clear of external parasites. Otherwise, Twelve Titans can correct these issues at the owners expense.

Families who choose to have their pup's ears cropped with our vet,  understand that there is risk with any surgery when anesthesia is used, agree to pay for all crop expenses, and agree that Twelve Titans will not be held liable for any complications resulting from the families' choice to have ear crop surgery performed.  Twelve Titans Kennels is not responsible for replacing a puppy if death occurs from ear crop surgery.

MICRO-CHIP is INCLUDED and no longer optional as this ensures our pups can be identified.

GROUND SHIPPING (door-to-door nationwide) is offered and usually ranges in price from $475 to $1500* USD for puppies under 6-months depending on your exact location. *Subject to change

BOARDING for Puppies (under 12 months) is offered at the rate of $18.00/day. 
Buyer will be responsible for major veterinary expenses incurred while dog is being boarded. 


STUD SERVICES We offer stud services to approved Females. Please inquire directly with us for options.

RESERVATION DEPOSIT - A $500 USD (for companion pups) or $750 (for top prospects) non-refundable deposit is required to reserve a puppy and applied towards the balance, reducing the original total quoted cost. The reservation deposit makes the pup unavailable to other approved prospective families. Deposits may be transferred to another litter under certain conditions. A pup is NOT considered RESERVED until the full reservation deposit is remitted.


Deposits and all partial payments are non-refundable and are applied to your account. Please be certain that you are ready for the time commitment and financial responsibility of a puppy prior to placing a deposit and making partial payments on one. Twelve Titans Kennels grants no warranty over size, gender, colors or temperament produced in a litter. If a planned litter does not take place or the litter does not produce the expected number of pups, we will transfer your deposit(s) to another litter. 


The outstanding balance must be paid when the pup reaches 6 weeks of age. This also allows Twelve Titans the opportunity to begin ear crops & micro-chips (if elected) and prepare the puppy package and paperwork. 

If not paid or if an agreed-upon arrangement is not made, the puppy will be offered to another family, the original deposit and any additional funds will be forfeited and not transferred to a new litter.

If not paid by 6 weeks of age, and the puppy buyer desires a puppy from a future litter, said puppy buyer would have to pay in Full for his selection to be held.

If for any reason a puppy is not available from a litter you applied the deposit towards, said deposit may be transferred to another litter or pup in a future breeding with AVAILABLE reservation spots.


make-a-deposit (1).png


PARTIAL PAYMENTS - We understand that acquiring a quality Cane Corso is a significant expense. Therefore, families may make partial payments after their initial minimum reservation deposit of $500 USD up until the puppy reaches 6 weeks of age.


Many families choose this option as an approach to manage the total cost and avoid a lump sum payment due at 6 weeks of age. Each family's account is credited and their invoices are generated reflecting the partial payments. There is NO cost or obligation associated with making partial payments.  



make-a-deposit (1).png

Puppies that have not been picked up after the assigned pick-up date, will be considered a boarding animal and will be charged a boarding fee of $15.00 per day per puppy for his/her food, care, cleaning.

Puppy Will Not Be Released Unless All Payments Have Been Made.


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